Shipping & Returns

Shipping Cost

Our shipping policy is as follows: 

Order Value:

 >$125.00 = $5.99 Shipping Cost 

> $125.00 = Free Shipping  

Shipping Cost Standardization

Alva's shipping costs are standardized across all products, product lines, and materials. The shipping cost for the customer is based on the total price of the purchase, as seen in the above table.

Expected Shipping Times

As soon as the order is placed, it is sent to Alva's distribution center in Atlanta, GA. Every order is expected to be picked and prepared for pickup within three days (72 hours). From there, shipping times will vary depending on the location, though you will receive tracking information to your email address. Though shipping times will vary, customers can expect their order within two weeks of purchase.

Return Policy

In the event that a customer is unsatisfied with their Alva purchase, they have a 30-day return window after the date they receive the product to initiate a return.

The customer is entitled to a full refund when two conditions are met: 

1) The customer contacts Alva within a 30-day period after receiving the product requesting a refund. 

2) The returned product is received by the Alva warehouse. 

Return Process 

1) The customer contacts Alva within 30 days of receiving the product to initiate a return via Alva's contact form or by contact 

2) Alva will notify our shipping warehouse to prepare a shipping label to be sent out to the customer's shipping address. 

3) The customer receives the return shipping label and sends the product back to the Alva warehouse. 

4) Once the returned product is received by the Alva warehouse, a full refund will be initiated to the customer. Please note that Alva deducts $9.99 from the order refund total to cover return shipping costs.

Exchanges, Defective, and Damaged Products

 In the event that a customer would like to exchange a product for a different product (a larger size, separate product, etc), Alva will offer an exchange to the customer and apply the difference as a refund or charge depending on the price of the original product. 

If a customer receives a damaged or defective product, there is a 30-day window after receiving the product to contact Alva for a replacement. 

In the event of a damaged / defective product, Alva will send a replacement to the customer free of charge. A damaged / defective product does not need to be returned to the Alva warehouse.