Privacy Policy

Alva Cookware would like to share its Privacy Policy for any visitors that come to this website ( Specifically, the Alva Cookware Privacy Policy provides transparency to the type of data collected and how it is used and shared. This Policy will communicate the collection, sharing, and disclosure of any data from visitors to 

Alva Cookware does not sell customer data in any shape or form. However, customer data may be shared with third parties with the intention to improve the Alva Cookware user experience, which includes personalization and other improvements to sell products or better marketing efforts. 

Non-personal Data 

Alva cookware collects “non-personal” data on the website, such as browsing sessions like pages visited and products viewed. This data is “non-personal” because it does not take into account personal information like personal name and address. Alva Cookware may use tags, pixels, and cookies to facilitate the collection and analysis of non-personal data. This data will be used to improve Alva’s website, product offering, and general customer experience. 

Personal Information 

Personal information denotes information that identifies a customer as a unique individual, such as a name, email, residential address, phone number, and social security number. 

Personal Information Collected 

Website Visitors and Email Subscribers

Alva’s marketing team uses information like pages visited, time on page, days between visits, and click patterns and other similar metrics to gain insights on visitor behavior. These insights are used to improve the user experience on the Alva website and to inform marketing campaigns. In addition, email address data is shared with our email database (Klaviyo). 

Data Sharing 

Alva Cookware shares your personal information with third party partners in order to complete and fulfill purchases made through Examples of third party partners include payment processors, logistics partners, customer service platforms, and marketing software tools. Alva does not authorize third parties to use your personal information for anything other than the service that Alva Cookware has selected them for. 

Third Party Policies 

Customers may be redirected or sent to third party websites through via a link, tool, or button. An example is Buy Now Pay Later purchase financing partners like Klarna, Sezzle, and Afterpay. Privacy policies for third parties customers engage with may differ from Alva Cookware. The use of any data collected from third parties will be subject to their own privacy policies. Alva Cookware is not liable for the use of data for these third parties. 

Data Security 

Alva Cookware understands the private and confidential nature of personal data. As such, Alva Cookware takes the protection of customer data very seriously. All necessary precautionary measures are taken to protect any and all customer data collected via the website. 

Data Retention 

The data collected from visitors, subscribers, and customers may be retained beyond a relationship with an individual customer. Data may be leveraged to prevent fraud, abuse, or direct legitimate business activities. Any personal information kept post a relationship with a customer will be managed subject to the Alva Privacy Policy. Certain personal information may not be able to be completely removed from Alva data storage due to technological or legal reasons. 

CCPA Addendum

California residents may have different rights in addition to those laid out in the Alva Privacy Policy, that come from the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), from 2020. Accordingly, California residents have the right to: 

  • Access personal information 
  • Request for personal removal or deletion of personal data 
  • Request for the exclusion of personal data for commercial purposes 
  • Not be discriminated upon from the expression of their rights under the CCPA 

Data Collection for California Residents 

If a California resident would like to exercise their right to receive a copy or delete their personal data, please refer to the instructions below. In this occurrence, Alva Cookware may follow up with questions to help verify personal identity. Provided Alva Cookware is able to confirm a customer’s identity, a copy of the requested data will be provided within 60 days of request. 

Requesting Deletion or a Copy of Your Data 

If a customer would like to request deletion or a copy of their personal data, the best way to request this is through the email with subject “Request for Deletion of Personal Data” or “Request for a Copy of Personal Data.”